Farmerline Hosts Workshops for Women in Agriculture


The Women Advancing Agriculture (WAA) Initiative builds on Farmerline’s existing technology and business model to effectively advocate for increased gender equality and access to information for women in Ghana.

More than half of the Ghanaian population is involved in agriculture. Yet many female agricultural workers lack sufficient access to work opportunities, modern farming techniques, land ownership and formal financing due to the disparity between gender roles in the household.

As only 29% of women living in the Northern rural regions of Ghana are literate, Farmerline has recently launched the Women Advancing Agriculture (WAA) Initiative, which will send educational voice messages in local languages directly to the mobile phones of female agricultural workers. Audio content will be location-specific and provide actionable information on best farming practices, regional market prices, weather forecasts, maternal health and financial literacy. The goal is to ultimately improve the yields and incomes of female agricultural workers by providing convenient access to education on agronomy, how to gain formal financing, and relevant family planning methods.

On 16-17 February, #TeamFarmerline travelled to the Upper West region of Ghana in order to host three educational workshops for women in agriculture. Farmerline, along with participating speakers from MEDATigo and DKT International, visited the villages of Loogu, Grupie and Nyoli with a vision of effectively advocating the benefits of locally available services for women in Ghana such as mobile money payments, family planning and Farmerline’s educational voice messages on agronomy, health and finance.

180 women participated in the WAA workshops over the course of two days.

Farmerline is anticipating a fast-growing network of female farmers across Ghana this year. To maximize outreach and the number of women receiving educational content, we invite potential partners to contact

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Farmerline was selected to showcase the WAA Initiative at UNESCO’s 2015 Mobile Learning Week in Paris, France on 25 February 2015.

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On the Field with Farmerline Ltd

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Farmerline visiting local farming communities in order to develop relevant products and services.

Every six to eight weeks, the Farmerline team schedules follow-up visits with local farming communities to measure the impact of its services and offer additional training for its mobile technology. These meetings help to ensure that Farmerline’s voice messages on agriculture, weather forecasting, market information, and farming techniques are being successfully delivered to the mobile phones of registered farmers. In collaboration with the regional extension officers, Farmerline is able to organize regular community meetings where team members listen closely to the feedback from farmers and altogether discuss how to develop effective solutions to posed challenges.

In September, Farmerline met with 652 smallholder farmers. This month, the Impact team hopes to make frequent visits to local fish farmers in Kumasi and travel to Tamale in the Northern region of Ghana.

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Farmerline visite les communautés agricoles locales afin de développer des produits et services pertinent.

Tous les six à huit semaines, l’équipe de Farmerline visites les communautés agricoles locales pour mesurer l’impact de ses services et d’offrir une formation supplémentaire pour sa technologie mobile. Ces réunions permettent de s’assurer que les messages de voix de Farmerline sur l’agriculture, les prévisions météorologiques, information du marché, et les techniques agricoles sont livré avec succès aux téléphones mobiles des agriculteurs inscrits. En collaboration avec les agents de régionales, Farmerline est en mesure d’organiser des réunions régulières de la communauté où les membres de l’équipe écoutent attentivement les réactions des agriculteurs et tout à fait discuter de la façon de développer des solutions efficaces aux problèmes posés.

En Septembre, Farmerline rencontré 652 petits agriculteurs. Ce mois-ci, l’équipe Impact espère faire de fréquentes visites aux agriculteurs locaux de poissons à Kumasi et puis, voyager à Tamale dans la région du Nord du Ghana.

Pour en savoir plus sur cette initiative, visitez-nous au ou suivez @Farmerline sur Twitter et Instagram.

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