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Our platform Mergdata generates valuable intelligence from and for every stakeholder, at every phase of the growing season.

We produce data on the education programmes we’re running, as well as on the farmers that are accessing them and the standards they’re farming to.

This data includes how well crops are growing, on how much of each, and where. The data is then harvested at every single step – from the point where growers buy their inputs, to when certificated shipments are delivered to factories.

With a resource like Mergdata, everyone gains – along the whole supply chain.

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Digital financing & agro-input distribution

Businesses are enabled with digital tools, financing and partnerships to sell and distribute key services, like fertilisers and seeds, to farmers in their communities. Farmers know they can readily access the quality inputs they need, as and when they need them, to plant for a successful season.

Farmer education & training

Farmers and businesses are supported with digital tools to communicate better towards a successful planting season. Farmers are trained in person but also receive weekly updates on the weather, best farming practices, and market prices on their mobile phones.

Businesses are also empowered with insight and intelligence on their services and communication campaigns for the farmers they work with.

Commodity sourcing & market intelligence

Supply meets demand, as commodity brokers source the crops they require from our network of farmers. They can be sure that their goods are sustainable and traceable; will be delivered promptly; will have been grown and processed to the right standards; and that the farmers will be paid fairly and in full.

Cocoa that’s
good- to-go

Data-rich farming

Touton, a French trading company, buys cocoa from farmers all over Ghana. Before they worked with us, guaranteeing quality and sustainability was expensive and time-consuming.

Using Mergdata, they mapped and data-visualized tens of thousands of cocoa farms. Now they can easily and accurately predict harvests, carry out certification, perform sustainability monitoring and know that they’re getting top quality cocoa that their consumers will be happy to buy.

In partnership with The Hershey Company, we launched the Cocoalink Mobile app – a resource that’s designed to get young farmers fired up about sustainable cocoa production.

Thousands of up-and-coming smallholders regularly use its interactive content, completing quizzes, getting weather updates, reading articles and taking courses.

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