Our story

More food

More profit

More impact

In a world that needs to double productivity to feed itself by 2050, Farmerline’s value is clear. We enable everyone in the chain to prosper. More food, more profit, more impact.

When we started, we had $600 and a mission: use tech to give farmers the tools to create lasting wealth: quality inputs, fair credit, ongoing training, market access.

It’s still our mission, but over the last decade our operations have evolved out of all recognition.

Where previously we focused on smallholders, now we also work with hundreds of farmer associations and partners. We help national governments extend their knowledge and hone their techniques and supply blue-chip manufacturers with fully traceable commodities for their increasingly demanding consumers.

We’re proof that with passion, perseverance and the right partners, you can really move the needle and start to change a system.

Our  team

We’re now one of the largest private employers in the Ghanaian agriculture sector. Everyone in our team, from finance to engineering, from marketing to field operations, is driven by a belief in our mission.

“We’re leveraging last mile intelligence to reduce the cost of serving farmers while also expanding the GDP of rural economies, through partnership with corporations and governments across the continent.

I want to be a multiplier of talents: that’s the opportunity, the privilege we have at the moment. We can take this company to the next level.'

Alloysius Attah
Farmerline Co-Founder & CEO

“Farmerline is really obsessed with impact. When Alloysius and I met at university, we said, “Why don’t we build something that solves a basic need in our country?” That was the beginning.

But this isn't technology simply imposed upon farmers and extension agents. It’s designed with them, to answer their needs. And because we really understand and analyze what farmers require, we can work with those big players far more effectively too.”

Emmanuel O. Addai
Farmerline Co-Founder & COO