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Quality crops, satisfied farmers

Major food manufacturers know they can trust us to supply the quality and the quantities they need.

With a growing network of more than 100,000 farmers and 200 partners, we source a wide range of crops from well-trained and well-resourced farmers.

We also offer all the post-harvest facilities – cleaning, sorting, lab-testing and bagging.

This means quality is always guaranteed, and every kilo can be tracked and traced to its origin.

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Market smart farming

We train farmers via face-to-face workshops and keep them informed about markets, regulations and standards via regular voice alerts and helpline support, so they know what crops are in demand and the quality assurances buyers need.

Supply chain logistics built for scale

Our logistics function is built to reliably source high-quality commodities, from even the remotest of growers, in bulk. With a fleet of trucks and motorcycles, a dedicated team and well-managed warehouses, we get produce from field to distribution centre swiftly, safely and always in peak condition.

Swift and secure payments

Mergdata’s Mobile Payments function enables secure agri-trade transactions, so growers are keen to sell via us.

“I’ve been able to double my profits”

Douglas Adjei, a vegetable farmer in Gyinase, in the Asante Region of Ghana, attends training workshops with his local Farmerline field agent and gets regular market information on his android mobile, in his own language. He’s changed how he plans what to plant for each season and is delighted to see his profits have doubled in just two years.

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