Top 9 Features We Think You Will Love About Our New Website!

July 24, 2017

Over the last five years, we have made considerable efforts to provide farmers and agricultural stakeholders with efficient, effective, and appropriate technology, training, and information. With our newly designed website, we’re furthering that commitment of equipping farmers and businesses with new tools designed to help them improve their bottom lines.

We have evolved a lot since we were founded in 2012.

We’ve grown as a company, built and developed relationships with many loyal clients within the country and across the continent, and added to our in-house team of corporate service, customer success and farmer service professionals, as well as software engineers.

As we look to the future, we are aware that the world of agriculture is always progressing. To that end, we hope to continue to grow and evolve ourselves, as a trusted social enterprise on a local, continental and global scale. We aim to develop our product and service portfolio whilst continuing to offer nothing but the highest standards of customer service to our clients, both existing and new.

With this in mind, we believe it is about time our brand reflected our story, impact, innovations and success. Thus, we have spent the past weeks to come up with a new website, new logo and new brand appearance that is fresh, modern and professional.

Apart from having a clean and colourful new look, the new website is now much more focused on explaining how our three core service sets of 1) 399 Services (information, savings, inputs and credit distribution for farmers) 2)Remote data collection and analytics for agribusinesses and organizations working with farmers 3) Access to markets & supply chains for both farmers and agribusinesses.

After months of working hard to provide our visitors with an easier way to learn about our services and solutions, here are the top nine features that we think you will love about our new website…

I. Informative Home Page

Our new home page aims to make a strong first impression through utilisation of visual media, first and foremost of which is a looping video of how we work. But it’s not just a pretty outlook. The home page acts as a gateway for users to explore the substance of the website, including the products and services we provide, booking a demo, newest stories, our awards and presses and general information you need to reach us, with a quick scroll or swipe. Scroll past the video and you come to a handy grid that shows our usefulnesses to smallholder farmers and businesses alike.

II. Responsive across all platforms

This is an exciting new feature to our redesigned website. Using responsive web design technology, our site will respond and adapt according to the orientation of our visitor’s screen size and resolution. Now, our visitors can view our website on varying platforms, including smartphones, tablets, or standard-size computers, allowing easier access to our website and information.

III. Book A Demo

The best way to understand how we help farmers, agribusinesses and stakeholders are to see our proprietary applications in action. We have a dedicated team on standby to book your demo and take you through how our platforms work and how it is tailor-made to suit your organisational needs.

IV.Customised audio messages

Our collection of sample audios helps visitors listen to some of the customised content we have delivered via voice in local languages to farmers.

V. New background video on homepage

This gives our potential clients and customers a chance to get to know us even before even talking to us. The video also paints a very vivid visual representation of what they can expect to experience from our business.

VI. Simplified Menu Navigation

At the top of every page is the main navigation that organises Farmerline content into key topics:

Products: Shows what we can do for farmers and businesses.

Blogs: Includes our articles and blog posts on our journey, impact and success.

About: Read more about the Farmerline, our team, view our latest press releases and sign up for a demo.

Careers: Houses our values, culture and career opportunities for people who want to join our team.

Mergdata: Learn all about our proprietary software, Mergdata, which is a data-driven communication platform for businesses working with last-mile customers.

VII. Greater emphasis on improving the supply chain

All across the agriculture sector, the supply chain has turned into a strategic function because of the added value it generates. In a global economy, agricultural stakeholders need a logistic partner able to offer solutions that maximise their competitiveness. This added feature on our website shows how we work closely with our partners and their customers, adding value through the knowledge, skills and services we bring to the table.

VIII. Getting Social

Want to interact with our news and blogs? What to share it with others?

We have integrated Social Media response buttons that appear at the end of news and blog entries. Now you can more easily and seamlessly share content from our website. We’d love for you to share our content with your followers and use it as a conversation-starter. We also encourage you to follow us on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube), where we share regular updates on our impact, innovations, industry developments, farmer workshops, conferences and events.

XI. Extending our global reach

As agriculture continues to grow, having worldwide connections becomes crucial.

We are a global company with three offices on three continents and operations in over 10 countries around the world.

Our international reach means we can maintain product availability, provide seamless distribution, and – above all – ensure quality service delivery wherever we operate. This also links us to the key decision makers at major sustainable food brands, farm input companies, financial institutions and development agencies all around the world, providing our renowned wealth of market intelligence and insight.

You can rest assured that our multinational team will use all our connections to deliver a high-quality service wherever your business is operating.


We are also excited to announce our updated mission statement and our core values, signalling a clear commitment to our customers and their care.

We hope you enjoy the new website and because we pride ourselves on always listening to our customer feedback, look forward to any comments or suggestions you might have for us!

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