Farmerline Visits Karikari Farms, Kumasi


On 28 November 2014, Team Farmerline visited the Karikari farms in Kumasi, owned by a group of about 15 farmers. Farmerline’s Value Chain Coordinator, Mr Schandorf Bright, introduced Farmerline’s services to the farmers, who were very receptive and thankful for Farmerline’s visit.

Mr Gyan Richard, a lettuce farmer, was particularly grateful for Farmerline’s timely visit and mentioned that he anticipates the improvement that will be experienced in their production following the adoption of solutions that will be provided via Farmerline’s voice messaging platform. He also encouraged other farmers present to register with Farmerline in order to get quick access to useful information that will help them improve their crop yields and marketing strategies.

The leader of the group, Mr Mensah Akwesi, stated some of the challenges faced by the farmers in accessing markets and purchasing viable seeds, and urged Farmerline to assist them by providing them with useful information on how to solve these problems.

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Farmer Story #4 – Yaw Manu

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Yaw Manu and his 8 year-old son in Old Edubiase, Ghana

Farmerline recently had the pleasure of meeting Yaw Manu while hosting a workshop in Old Edubiase, a rural community in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Described as kind-hearted and hard-working by those who know him, it’s no wonder Yaw was awarded ‘District’s Best Farmer’ in 2012. Constantly on the farm, Yaw grows cabbage, cassava and maize in order to support his wife and 8 year-old son. Born with a birth defect that effects the functionality of his right leg, Yaw remains one of the few smallholder farmers helping to feed his local community.

Before subscribing to Farmerline’s voice messages, Yaw faced great challenges in accessing reliable market information. He has applauded Farmerline’s efforts to bring timely market, weather and agricultural information to small-scale farmers like himself.

Stay tuned as #Farmerline continues to tell the stories of small-scale farmers in Ghana over the upcoming months.

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Yaw Manu et son fils de 8 ans à Old Edubiase, Ghana

Farmerline eu le plaisir récemment par rencontrer Yaw Manu tout en accueillant un atelier dans le Vieux-Edubiase, une communauté rurale dans la région Ashanti du Ghana. Décrit comme chaleureux et laborieux par ceux qui le connaissent, ce n’est pas de étonnement que Yaw a été élu “Le Fermier Meilleur de District” en 2012. Constamment à la ferme, Yaw grandit chou, le manioc et le maïs afin de soutenir sa femme et son fils de huit ans. Né avec une malformation congénitale qui affecte la fonctionnalité de sa jambe droite, Yaw reste l’un des rares petits exploitants agricoles qui aident à nourrir sa communauté locale.

Avant de souscrire aux appels vocaux de Farmerline, Yaw a eu de grands défis dans l’accès aux informations de marché fiables. Il applaudit de efforts de Farmerline à apporter marché en temps opportun, des informations météorologiques et agricole des petits agriculteurs comme lui-meme.

Restez à l’écoute comme #Farmerline continue à raconter les histoires de petits agriculteurs au Ghana au cours des prochains mois.

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On the Field with Farmerline Ltd

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Farmerline visiting local farming communities in order to develop relevant products and services.

Every six to eight weeks, the Farmerline team schedules follow-up visits with local farming communities to measure the impact of its services and offer additional training for its mobile technology. These meetings help to ensure that Farmerline’s voice messages on agriculture, weather forecasting, market information, and farming techniques are being successfully delivered to the mobile phones of registered farmers. In collaboration with the regional extension officers, Farmerline is able to organize regular community meetings where team members listen closely to the feedback from farmers and altogether discuss how to develop effective solutions to posed challenges.

In September, Farmerline met with 652 smallholder farmers. This month, the Impact team hopes to make frequent visits to local fish farmers in Kumasi and travel to Tamale in the Northern region of Ghana.

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Farmerline visite les communautés agricoles locales afin de développer des produits et services pertinent.

Tous les six à huit semaines, l’équipe de Farmerline visites les communautés agricoles locales pour mesurer l’impact de ses services et d’offrir une formation supplémentaire pour sa technologie mobile. Ces réunions permettent de s’assurer que les messages de voix de Farmerline sur l’agriculture, les prévisions météorologiques, information du marché, et les techniques agricoles sont livré avec succès aux téléphones mobiles des agriculteurs inscrits. En collaboration avec les agents de régionales, Farmerline est en mesure d’organiser des réunions régulières de la communauté où les membres de l’équipe écoutent attentivement les réactions des agriculteurs et tout à fait discuter de la façon de développer des solutions efficaces aux problèmes posés.

En Septembre, Farmerline rencontré 652 petits agriculteurs. Ce mois-ci, l’équipe Impact espère faire de fréquentes visites aux agriculteurs locaux de poissons à Kumasi et puis, voyager à Tamale dans la région du Nord du Ghana.

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Farmer Story #3 – The Kubi Family

Farmerline supports small-scale farmers in Ghana by helping them to improve crop yields, bring products to market, and increase selling prices to improve livelihoods.

Meet Appiah Kubi’s family. Appiah and his wife have raised seven children together and own a cabbage farm in the Fomena district of Ghana. Together, they are working hard to meet the rising demand brought on by a recent partnership with a large-scale buyer. Their success has Appiah enthusiastic about the future of his farm’s business.

“Now that Farmerline has linked us directly to big buyers, I am hoping to raise my farm’s income and expand our production,” exclaims Appiah.  “I will be able to pay the school fees of my children and reduce the time they spend on the farm. My son, Joseph, he should be concentrating on his books so he can become a doctor.”

Farmerline is proud to link farmers, like the Kubi family, to larger markets and reliable purchasing partners.

Stay tuned as #Farmerline continues to tell the stories of small-scale farmers in Ghana over the upcoming months.

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Farmerline soutient les petits agriculteurs au Ghana en les aidant à améliorer les rendements des cultures, mettre des produits sur le marché, et d’augmenter les prix de vente pour améliorer les moyens de subsistance.

Recontrez la famille d’Appiah Kubi. Appiah et sa femme ont élevé sept enfants ensemble et posséder une ferme de chou dans le quartier Fomena du Ghana. Ensemble, ils travaillent dur pour satisfaire la demande croissante provoquée par un récent partenariat avec un grand acheteur. Appiah est enthousiaste quant à l’avenir de sa ferme.

“Maintenant que nous Farmerline a lié directement à de gros acheteurs, je suis l’espoir de relever le revenu de ma ferme et d’élargir notre production”, s’exclame-t-Appiah. “Je serai en mesure de payer les frais de scolarité de mes enfants et de réduire le temps qu’ils passent à la ferme. Mon fils, Joseph, il devrait se concentrer sur ses livres, afin qu’il peut devenir un médecin”.

Farmerline est fière de relier les agriculteurs, comme la famille Kubi, à des marchés plus importants et des partenaires fiables.

Restez à l’écoute comme #Farmerline continue à raconter les histoires de petits agriculteurs au Ghana au cours des prochains mois.

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Farmerline Joining the Fight Against Ebola


Farmerline Ltd has expanded its innovative mobile services in order to spread awareness of the Ebola Virus and communicate  preventative measures to rural farmers across Africa. 

Ebola is Spreading 

The Ebola outbreak appears to be far from over. As of 29 September, 6,574 cases of the hemorrhagic fever caused by the Ebola virus have been reported in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal. The fatal virus has ravaged parts of West Africa and this past week, the US Center for Disease control reported its first case of Ebola in Dallas, Texas. While the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other global health organizations have invested millions of dollars to combat the spread of the disease in West Africa, Farmerline has teamed up with local health professionals to send out Ebola prevention tips to over 2,000 small-scale farmers across Ghana.

Farmerline Leading ICT Approach to Ebola Education

Farmerline is a mobile messaging platform that allows businesses and development partners to instantly communicate with farmers in their local language through outgoing voice messages, SMS, and mobile surveys. Today, the Ghanian company is leading an ICT approach to Ebola education with its chain of mobile communication and data collection technologies.

Voice messages detailing the Ebola virus and preventative measures have been recorded by Farmerline in six local languages and sent directly to the mobile phones of over 2,000 rural farmers in Ghana. These voice recordings are open source and freely available online at Farmerline’s SoundCloud account. The objective is to target illiterate communities, especially small-scale farmers, about the dangers that come with contracting the Ebola virus. Farmerline is additionally in the midst of creating new ICT tools that can support health workers in Africa.

The goal is to expand Farmerline’s voice messages on Ebola through an initial pilot that reaches 1 million people across West Africa.

Call for Partnership

Farmerline does not have the capacity to carry out these efforts alone. In order to reach farmers and vulnerable communities across West Africa, new audio messages must be recorded in the local languages of each region, investment from donors and foundations are required to scale up the effort, and a partnership with a Global Health Organization would be vital in reaching a maximized number of farmers in rural regions of West Africa. Additionally, Farmerline hopes to collaborate with at least two local organizations in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal. To save lives, the fight against Ebola must be a joint, international and local effort. If you want to contribute to Farmerline’s Ebola initiative, contact

Farmerline is a Ghanian company that focuses on creating technology and improving information access to rural communities especially small-scale farmers. Co-Founders, Alloysius Attah and Emmanuel Owusu Addai, have recently been named 2014 Echoing Green Global Fellows for their innovation and vision. To read more about Farmerline and its efforts in empowering small-scale farmers, visit our website at 

Farmer Story #2 – Ayaase Community Leader

Farmerline provides rural farmers with best practices to improve yields and income.

This is Barima Twum, the Ayaase community leader in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Barima has warmly welcomed Farmerline Ltd into his local community where many cabbage, cocoa, and maize farmers live. He explains how Farmerline’s voice messages have helped to inform farmers on best practices for safely storing vegetables, reducing pest infestations, and bringing products to market.

“We thank God for Farmerline. Giving us information on weather forecasts and how to plant, harvest, and sell our produce will help us to feed our families and pay our children’s school fees.”

Stay tuned as #Farmerline continues to tell the stories of small-scale farmers in Ghana over the upcoming months.

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Farmerline fournit des agriculteurs les meilleures pratiques pour améliorer leur rendement et revenu.

Voici Barima Twum, le chef de la communauté d’Ayaase dans la région Ashanti du Ghana. Barima a chaleureusement accueilli Farmerline Ltd dans sa communauté locale où de nombreux agriculteurs chou, de cacao, et de maïs vivent. Il explique comment les messages vocaux de Farmerline ont contribué à informer les agriculteurs avec les meilleures pratiques pour l’entreposage sécuritaire des légumes, la réduction les infestations de ravageurs, et mettant des produits sur le marché.

“Nous remercions Dieu pour Farmerline. Nous donnant des informations sur les prévisions météorologiques, la manière de planter, récolter et vendre nos produits nous aidera à nourrir nos familles et payer les frais de scolarité de nos enfants “.

Restez à l’écoute comme #Farmerline continue à raconter les histoires de petits agriculteurs au Ghana au cours des prochains mois.

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Farmer Story #1 – Cocoa Farming in Kwapia, Ghana

Did you know that West Africa is the largest producer of cocoa in the world?

Meet Abena Konadu. Abena is a mother, wife, daughter, and cocoa farmer. Growing up on a cocoa farm has allowed her to run her own successful farm independently, providing a supply of cocoa to her local community in the Kwapia , Fomena District: Ashanti region of Ghana.

Life as a cocoa farmer has allowed Abena to support her seven children and put each of them through school. Today, many of her children have completed their education and have found work in the capital, Accra. Thanks to the success of her cocoa farm, Abena has been able to save up enough money to begin building a new home next door to the house her children grew up in. She says she hopes it will entice her children to come home often to visit, especially as they are getting older and will soon begin having families of their own.

Abena is one of 110 million African women making a living in agriculture.

Farmerline supports small-scale farmers, like Abena, by sending agriculture-related information directly to farmers’ mobile phones in the form of voice calls.

Stay tuned as #Farmerline continues to tell the stories of small-scale farmers in Ghana over the upcoming months.

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Saviez-vous que l’Afrique de l’Ouest est le plus grand producteur de cacao dans le monde?

Rencontrez Abena Konadu. Abena est une mère, épouse, fille, et productrice de cacao. Ayant grandi sur une ferme de cacao lui a permis de gérer sa propre ferme succès indépendamment, permettant l’approvisionnement en cacao de sa communauté locale dans la région Ashanti du Ghana.

La vie d’un cultivatrice de cacao a permis Abena pour soutenir ses sept enfants et mettre chacun d’eux à l’école. Aujourd’hui, bon nombre de ses enfants ont terminé leurs études et ont trouvé du travail dans la capitale, Accra. A cause du succès de sa ferme de cacao, Abena a pu économiser assez d’argent pour commencer à construire une nouvelle maison à côté de la maison de ses enfants ont grandi. Elle dit qu’elle espère qu’il incitera ses enfants rentrent à la maison souvent à visiter , d’autant plus qu’ils sont plus âgés et bientôt commencer à avoir leur propre famille.

Abena est l’un de 110 millions de femmes africaines qui gagnent leur vie dans l’agriculture.

Farmerline soutient les agriculteurs à petite échelle, comme Abena, en envoyant des informations liées à l’agriculture directement sur les téléphones portables des agriculteurs sous la forme d’appels vocaux et SMS.

Restez à l’écoute comme #Farmerline continue à raconter les histoires de petits agriculteurs au Ghana au cours des prochains mois.

Pour en savoir plus sur cette initiative, visitez-nous au ou suivez-nous sur Twitter @farmerline et Instagram


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