Promoting Food Safety, Food Security, and EUDR Compliance: The Role of Farmerline

June 7, 2024

In today’s interconnected world, ensuring food safety and security is a global priority, affecting millions of people. Each year, 600 million individuals fall ill from contaminated food, leading to 420,000 deaths. This results in an economic burden of $110 billion annually due to lost productivity and medical expenses, particularly in low- and middle-income countries​ (World Health Organization (WHO))​. Recognizing these challenges, initiatives like World Food Safety Day highlight the importance of maintaining high food safety standards globally.

Farmerline’s Role in Enhancing Food Safety and Security

Farmerline has been instrumental in promoting food safety and security in Africa. Utilizing our advanced Mergdata platform, Farmerline provides smallholder farmers and agribusinesses with critical tools for supply chain intelligence. This includes crop yield prediction, fertilizer demand forecasting, product traceability, and credit scoring for agricultural financing​ (Food Business Africa)​.

By digitizing over 2.2 million farmers across 50 countries, Farmerline has significantly impacted food production and safety standards. The company’s platform empowers farmers with the knowledge and resources needed to enhance their practices, thereby reducing the risk of foodborne diseases and ensuring safer food products​ (IFPRI)​.

Addressing the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) and Traceability

The European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) aims to minimize the risk of deforestation associated with the production of commodities imported into the EU. This regulation requires companies to provide evidence of the deforestation-free status of their supply chains. Farmerline’s Mergdata platform plays a crucial role in helping food companies comply with these stringent requirements.

Mergdata’s traceability features enable comprehensive tracking of agricultural products from farm to table. This transparency ensures that food companies can provide verifiable information about the origin and production practices of their commodities, aligning with EUDR’s objectives. By leveraging Mergdata, companies can monitor and report on their supply chains, ensuring adherence to deforestation-free commitments and enhancing their sustainability credentials​ (Food Business Africa)​​ (IFPRI)​.

The Global Food Security Challenge

As the global population is projected to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050, the demand for food will increase by 56% compared to 2010 levels​ (World Economic Forum)​. Addressing this challenge requires innovative solutions that not only boost agricultural productivity but also safeguard the environment. Farmerline’s initiatives are pivotal in this context, promoting sustainable agricultural practices and supporting smallholder farmers in enhancing their productivity and income.

Impact and Future Goals

Farmerline’s impact on food safety, security, and sustainability has been profound. The company’s efforts have led to improved agricultural practices, increased farmer incomes, and enhanced food safety standards. With a recent funding boost of $35.4 million, Farmerline aims to expand its AI-driven solutions and infrastructure, further supporting farmers and agribusinesses​ (Food Business Africa)​.


World Food Safety Day is a reminder of the essential role smallholder farmers and agribusinesses play in ensuring safe and nutritious food. Farmerline’s innovative Mergdata platform not only enhances food safety and security but also helps companies meet EUDR compliance and traceability requirements. By empowering farmers with technology and resources, Farmerline is building a future where food safety, security, and sustainability are guaranteed for all.

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