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Farmer Story #6 – Anna Deblu

January 16, 2015


In December 2014, Farmerline and MEDA visited Vida and 40 other female smallholder farmers in the Lambusie-Karni district of Ghana.

Meet Anna Deblu, a soybean farmer out of in Piina, the Lambussie-Karni District in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Through Farmerline and MEDA’s GROW Project, which communicates agronomy audio content in local languages to women’s mobile phones, Anna has been able to increase her soybean production from three bowls per acre to an impressive 40 bowls per acre. She explains how her crops were initially negatively impacted by unpredictable rainfall patterns and insufficient information on the appropriate planting times during her last production season.

Farmerline aims to fill this information void faced by many smallholder farmers by communicating data on weather forecasts, best farming practices, financial tips, and market access directly to farmers’ mobile phones in the form of voice calls. In partnership with MEDA, Farmerline hopes to empower smallholder farmers, like Anna, across Ghana with timely and locally-relevant agricultural data.

Ghana’s growing economy is not evenly distributed amongst its people.  Food security continues to remain a serious challenge due to poor crop yields as a result of, among other things, poor access to improved agricultural information and weather. Farmerline innovative technology is key in addressing this deficit’. – Mohammed Abdul- Fatawu, Value Chain Officer I MEDA Ghana.

Stay tuned as #Farmerline continues to tell the stories of small-scale farmers in Ghana over the upcoming months.

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