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Donation Update

GHS 375,235.5
RAISED OUT OF GHS 1,000,000.00
As at friday 30th September 2022.
Time : 12 noon
Chango Platform Donations : GHS 208,285.50 Other Corporate Donations : GHS 168,950

We thank you all for your support and contribution to farmers through the 'Support a Farmer' initiative.

Your contribution will help our farmers afford the right quantity of fertilizer needed to optimize their farmland, which will ultimately impact their ability to grow enough food to feed our nation.

Support a Farmer Initiative

Retail prices of fertilizer have progressively increased by more than 200% since COVID 19 pandemic yet farmers remain the poorest and the most vulnerable segment of the Agriculture supply chain

Farmerline is supporting farmers through this difficult period by making affordable fertilizer available to them through our Franchise Shops and Farmer Discount Program

As an extension of this support, we are embarking on a public crowdfunding campaign to raise 1 million Ghana Cedis to reach as many farmers as possible this season.

To set the pace for this, Farmerline is committing an amount of 200,000 GHS, from the company and staff as seed money for the project.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What's the specific support

We want to give 250,000 bags of discounted fertilizer to 25,000 farmers.

What support has been made already / How is your company [ Farmerline ] supporting

We've taken the bold step as a company by making a seed fund of GHC200,000 as our commitment to support farmers and we are seeking to extend this support to more farmers via your contribution.

Why do we need to support

Retail prices of fertilizer have increased by more than 200% since the COVID 19 pandemic, yet farmers are the poorest.

  1. Farmers are finding it difficult to get access to fertilizer and related inputs, thus impacting their output
  2. Currently, there is a decline in the output/produce of farmers and we need to intervene. An estimated 10%-20% decline in production

How sure am I that my funds is been used as explained / described above

We are partnering with an independent third-party fund management/ audit firm for transparency and management of received funds from the donations.

How can I contribute to supporting a farmer?

Click here to donate or download the Chango app on the App Store or Google Play Store.