Digital identity & financial records



All farmers in our network are registered and given digital identity cards which they use for all transactions with Farmerline. The NFC cards do not only provide farmers with a digital identity, they also enable farmers to keep digital records of their transactions.

Farmer training & behaviour change


Our field officers conduct weekly community-based workshops to train farmers on improved farming practices and better business practices. All direct farmer training sessions are reinforced with agronomic and business tips through digital mediums such as voice calls and talking books. All lessons and contents are delivered in farmers’ local language in order to bridge the illiteracy gap.

Information access

Farmers in our network regularly receive location-specific weather information, also delivered in their local languages. These weather updates are sourced from about 80 weather stations across the country, ensuring accurate predictions.

Inputs on credit

Over the years working with farmers, we have come to learn that limited access to finance is one of the major challenges to accessing inputs in rural communities. Farmers also spend about 12-25% of their income on inputs. Our Farmer Service model addresses this issue of access by providing top quality and affordable inputs on credit with free input delivery to farmers. Our input credit service comes with a flexible repayment system that allows farmers to pay back any amount at any time during the season.

Efficient distribution

We operate a robust delivery system that ensures that farmers receive farm inputs on time in order to improve their productivity. Our fast-growing distribution network in Ghana includes warehouses, trucks, motorcycles and agro-input shops. We efficiently move goods and services from major city centres to farmers in remote communities.

Engagement Platform Powered by Mergdata

Data-driven communication platform for businesses working with last-mile customers. Increase productivity of smallscale farmers through high-quality information services and in-person training.
  • Send customized voice and SMS messaging in any language.
  • Instantly deploy mobile campaigns anywhere in Africa, and across the globe.
  • Compatible with smartphones and feature phones.
ENGLISH - Tips on maize planting
TWI - Mushroom farm location precautions
EWE - Rice harvest time

Know your farmer

Collect vital information on the farmers in your supply chain to better understand who they are:

  • Build individual beneficiary/ farmer profiles. 
  • Identify your farmers and zoom in on each person to understand who they are.
  • Increase affinity and earn farmers’ loyalty through membership cards.
  • Subsequent data collected on each farmer will feed into their profiles to build a continuous ledger that monitors their activities and growth.

Conduct Certification Audits:

Simplify certification inspections and make the process more efficient at both ends of the supply chain.
  • Audit more farmers for UTZ, Fairtrade, and Rainforest Alliance certification in less time.
  • Use survey data and reports to drive decision-making and improve farmer training programmes.

Map and analyse farms:

  • Map fields and farms of varying sizes faster with higher levels of accuracy.
  • Collect data on land characteristics for monitoring and certification.
  • Identify where your food is being sourced from.


Trace food sources:

Our digital tool offers agri traders & processors with traceability and farm identification tools to track and identify the sources of food commodities.

  • Digitize procurement and supply chain processes to improve efficiency and transparency while reducing fraud.
  • Gain real-time insight and visibility into farmers’ operations, cash flows, assets and resulting access to markets and fair trading practices


Pay digital & securely

Integrate mobile finance solutions into your supply chain and make digital payments (including premiums) directly onto farmers’ mobile money accounts.

  • Avoid fraud and delayed payments, and get a digital record of all payment transactions.
  • Conduct loan appraisals on each farmer by assessing their financial performance based on their economic profiles and transactional histories.



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