Marketing Coordinator, IvC


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Farmerline is dedicated to reimagining how the world thinks about and invests in the livelihoods of small-scale farmers. Our mission is to create lasting profits for farmers everywhere. We approach challenges with bold and systemic thinking while maintaining a lean and agile operation. 

Farmerline was founded in 2013 and has been a fast-growing Agtech company in Africa. The company has raised over $20 million since incorporation. Farmerline’s digital marketplace combines logistics, field agents, farm resources, and agribusiness partnerships to support African farmers. We have reached 1.7M farmers by deploying our tools and services through 3,000+ partners across 48 countries. 

Impact assessments show that we increase yield by ~2X and a $306 increase in net income on average. Our technology platform Mergdata is licensed or white-labeled to development partners, global food traders, and governments who use its customizable tools to improve the lives of farmers around the world

We foster a learning organization where you will have the opportunity to apply your ideas and creativity to solve problems daily. If you are drawn to a dynamic, collaborative culture, set high standards, and tackle challenges with determination and to make a positive impact on millions of lives, Farmerline is the perfect environment for you to thrive. 



Job Title

Marketing  Coordinator, IVC

Department and Location

Marketing & Communications, Abidjan

Incumbent Supervisor

Head, Comms & Marketing

Suggested start date


Length of assignment

Permanent role, subject to performance


Role Overview

Farmerline is seeking a dynamic and creative Marketing Coordinator to join our team in Ivory Coast. The ideal candidate will be crucial in planning and executing community-oriented marketing initiatives, below-the-line branding strategies, and impactful events to promote our agri-tech solutions within target regions. This role also includes recruitment, training, and management of field agents (GROW Ambassadors) within our commercial areas.

As Marketing Coordinator, your responsibility will be to coordinate all field marketing activities and also be responsible for the execution of Farmerline’s GROW project. This includes working through GROW ambassadors to publicize and deploy Farmerline’s GROW digital tools, profiling, onboarding, and training of Agribusinesses and farmer groups/COOPs, and executing community branding initiatives within your designated market. This includes - planning and executing all events (roadshows, exhibitions, conferences, seminars), promotions (pamphlets, handbills, brochures), and brand/service placement. - planning and innovating new marketing initiatives on a regular interval to create brand recall and awareness - your role will be to drive and uphold an excellent brand standard across all offline activities. 

You will report to the Head of Comms & Marketing and work in close collaboration with all teams across the company to identify key events, negotiate sponsorship agreements, plan and execute our participation in industry events, plan and execute our events, and manage the full lifecycle of event logistics.

You must have a solid understanding of how events align with overall Marketing and Sales strategies and bring a winning mix of creative energy; a results-driven mindset; a willingness to get hands-on with the work; strong attention to detail; and wholehearted empathy for our mission and the stakeholders of our business.


Responsibilities  KeyKey

Community Engagement:

  • Develop and implement strategies to engage with local communities, farmers, and relevant stakeholders.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with community leaders, agricultural organizations, and influencers.

Field Agent Management

  • Identify, engage, and recruit field agents (GROW Ambassadors) as part of the GROW project execution
  • Manage the day-to-day itinerary, schedule, and performance for the GROW ambassadors to deliver set targets and KPIs 
  • Agribusiness acquisition and digitization through the GROW Ambassadors team

Below-the-Line (BTL) Branding & PR

  • Create and execute BTL branding campaigns to enhance brand visibility and recognition in the target market. 
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to ensure BTL activities align with overall branding and communication strategies.
  • Maintain a relationship and network of  media partnerships to support local PR and brand promotion activities (radio, TV, online/digital, etc) 

Event Planning and Execution:

  • Plan, coordinate, and execute on-the-ground events, workshops, and product demonstrations to showcase our agri-tech solutions, build our brand awareness, and generate high-quality leads for our business streams
  • Manage logistics, budgeting, and post-event evaluations to measure the success of each event.
  • Develop and maintain an annual events calendar that includes important milestones, such as sponsorship and production deadlines
  • Improve or create a new process and system for tracking and executing events flawlessly and implement process controls to improve coordination across departments
  • Lead community activation events and initiatives to generate viable leads for the regional commercial teams and drive traffic to our partner shops. These include festivals and market entry activation events
  • Manage event logistics, including onsite booth installment and compliance with regulations
  • Manage relationships with vendors for exhibiting, marketing materials, catering, entertainment, transportation, etc., and ensure all event elements are executed on time, accurately, and cost-effectively

Collateral Development:

  • Work closely with the creative team to develop BTL marketing collateral, including brochures, flyers, and promotional materials.
  • Partner with internal clients on budget maintenance process, including vendor contracts, POs, invoices, tracking, and reconciliation
  • Ensure consistency in messaging and branding across all BTL materials.
  • Build processes to scale events resources and activities
  • Monitor our competitors’ activities and marketing materials online and offline
  • Lead the selection process of vendors for the production and branding of a wide variety of marketing materials
  • Own the Marketing Warehouse and take care and responsibility for all our assets
  • Manage and grow a high-performing BTL, production, and events team

Market Research:

  • Conduct market research to identify new opportunities for BTL marketing initiatives.
  • Stay informed about industry trends and competitor activities in the agricultural technology sector.


  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, or a related field.
  • Proven experience in BTL marketing, community engagement, agent management or event coordination, preferably within the agri-tech industry.
  • Strong organizational and project management skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced environment.
  • Knowledge of agricultural practices and technologies is a plus.
  • Strong writing skills and ability to communicate effectively with vendors and stakeholders
  • Enthusiastic collaborator who can effectively work across teams with many different stakeholders
  • Sound business judgment and problem-solving abilities
  • Desire to succeed and grow in a demanding, creative, and entrepreneurial environment
  • An honest and straightforward personality with integrity and a proactive attitude


  • Experience with community engagement initiatives and activities such as festivals 
  • Strong community network with chiefs, opinion leaders, and local farmer group leaders
  • Bilingual - Ability to communicate effectively in French and English 
  • Previous experience in a similar role will be an advantage

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