Legal and Compliance Lead (Cote Divoire)

DepartmentCorporate Operations


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Job Title

Legal & Compliance Head (Ivory Coast)


Corporate Operations

Incumbent Supervisor

Country Manager (Ivory Coast)

Suggested start date


Length of assignment


Role Overview

The legal and compliance Lead will  oversee the  provision of  legal advice on business matters, such as patents, contracts, labor agreements, regulatory measures, taxation, and intellectual property rights. The role will be focused on  researching cases, drafting contracts, developing diverse corporate procedures, managing budgets, ensuring regulatory compliance, drafting codes of conduct, litigating court cases, and protecting the reputation and assets of the company within Ivory Coast. 




  • Lead the drafting, preparation  and review of all business contracts, agreements to ensure compliance with all required laws of Ivory Coast and protection of the Company's best interest.
  • Acts as a source of expert current knowledge of all legal, ethics & compliance programs and supports the development of an effective and pragmatic compliance culture
  • Initiates a communication program that ensures a clear understanding of legal compliance standards required of individuals conducting high risk activities in Farmerline’s business in Ivory Coast.
  • Assess level of compliance with established policies, procedures and standards, across the organization as well as adequacy of internal controls within business, financial processes and operations
  • Research and analyze the laws, regulations, policies, and rules that govern Farmerline’s work in Ivory Coast and other areas of operation.

Policies and Procedures

  • Lead in drafting internal policies that ensure external compliance.
  • Performs proactive risk assessment to identify business processes in Ivory Coast and advise on which may represent a risk for the company, with an emphasis on financial, business controls and efficient business processes.
  • In consultation with department managers develop and implement strategies to manage risks.
  • Coordinate with all functions in identifying, developing and implementing improvements in response to legal requirements, legislation changes and company policy requirements


  • Responsible for reporting and escalating risks, legal issues and best practices. 
  • Develop and maintain a risk assessment matrix while running a quarterly analysis of vulnerabilities and risks and implementing corrective actions.


  • Strategic recovery of debts
  • Act as custodian of key corporate legal documents
  • Provide guidance, upon request and need, for any new area of operation.
  • Build and maintain relationships with Farmerline’s external legal partnerships
  • Provide legal advice and assistance to management in relation to all legal requirements for key areas such as  contracting , permitting, employment and environment.
  • You may be required to take up other duties and responsibilities as and when required.

Required Qualifications

  • Graduate degree in Law
  • Must be called to the Ivory Coast Bar 
  • Professional background, with at least five years’ experience in practicing Law.
  • Demonstrated leadership experience at work, or outside of work.
  • Excellent communication skills and proficient writing and presentation skills.
  • Proven ability to drive projects from start to finish with minimal supervision
  • Good interpersonal relationship with  key regulators and stakeholders
  • Excellent problem-solving skills with the ability to navigate complex compliance issues
  • A working knowledge of English will be an advantage.


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