Technology at your service! We provide a range of supply chain innovation products and services that help small-scale farmers and organizations that work with them to benefit from such solutions.


Weather Forecast
Communicate reliable daily Information on Weather forecast and Climate information to the user’s target audience.
Through the messaging platform, users can send location specific weather forecast to farmers in real time. Weather Forecast services allows you to:

  • Host a call-in function to record and send messages to any mobile phone
  • Access on-demand weather forecasting information in any local language
  • Access to missed messages
Content Development
The development of content is at the core of Farmerline’s innovative voice technology. If you are looking forward to develop content to be sent to your target beneficiaries, we can do it. We will be happy to meet you and discuss your needs regarding your content.
The development of content is situation driven. Farmerline has worked with project partners and developed excellent agriculture content that has allowed NGOs and aid agencies to provide best crop management practices to small-scale farmers to ensure that they receive the right knowledge to maintain and increase yields throughout their production.
Software Development

 Web and Mobile (android) Applications Development! You are probably looking for a data collection application that meets the needs of your organization or project. Farmerline’s technology development team has the capacity to build a customized web and mobile (android) data collection application with all the features that your organization needs.

Our iterative application development process begins and ends with the requirements of your organization. Through experience, Farmerline’s Tech Team provides tailored data collection application solutions for organizations. Based on your organization’s requirements, we will work with you to produce an application in time and with high stability and quality features. With Farmerline, the development of an application doesn’t just end there. We will help you create a roadmap for deployment to ensure the smooth running of a robust application. Start a conversation with us ( about a custom data collection application for your organization.

Project Administration & Monitoring
Farmerline invests time and resources in managing this relationship with the stakeholder. We revise the content on best agronomic and postharvest handling tips, weather forecast, bookkeeping & financial tips onto the platform for easy and timely dissemination to the project beneficiaries.
Demonstrating performance rather than simply producing outputs is our hallmark. For this reason, the platform has an inbuilt feature that provides a snapshot of the data on the various applications. We perform periodic assessment with randomly sampled beneficiaries to track and monitor the usage and impact of the service and make any changes required to keep track with the project objectives. Periodic reports will be sent to stakeholder and its key implementing partners prior to project start, middle and end of each production cycle.
We also employ participatory monitoring mechanisms to ensure commitment, follow -up and feedback on performance.
Training & Sensitization Workshop for Farmers
We conduct various types of workshops as part of our services to our stakeholders. This includes training, awareness and sensitization workshops for our stakeholders such as farmers, extension agents, and representatives from farmer based organizations, agribusinesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations and other key organizations operating in the agriculture sector. These workshops are tailor-made to suit the needs of our stakeholders.