Mobile Messaging

Farmerline’s Mergdata platform allows users to conveniently send voice call messages and SMS to groups of people in any language, anywhere in the world. Farmerline’s innovative mobile messaging web platform allows users to send bulk voice messages in local languages to the mobile phones of thousands of people anywhere in the world.


SMS Messaging

This allows users to send instant bulk SMS to people at very minimal cost. The user can set a unique ID peculiar to the user’s organisation.

Voice Messaging

The application helps in sending accurate, timely and targeted information to a group of people in their local langauges.

Incoming Messages

Our call-in tool offers people a simple method to access information (agricultural, financial, input and equipment services) on demand.

All Languages

The application can be used to send messages in every language and works globally. The voice messages can be personalized to the profile of each person in the local language.