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CocoaLink is a practical educational tool that will help you realise the economic potential of Cocoa.

Starting and sustaining a cocoa farm made easy with CocoaLink.

CocoaLink is a mobile app that

CocoaLink is a mobile app that aims to inspire, train, and incentivize the next generation of Ghanaian cocoa farmers through gamified and interactive content in a variety of digital media such as video, pictures, interactive quizzes, and map visualisations.

In partnership with

In partnership with Hershey and World Cocoa Foundation, Farmerline developed CocoaLink, an informational application that seeks to tap into the entrepreneurial opportunities that the youthful population of Subsaharan Africa presents to build a generation that will revitalise and boost the growth of agriculture. The app is also an excellent companion for field agents, extension officers and tech savvy farmers.


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CocoaLink gives you access to:


Get access to well curated & expert prepared articles on farm management and good agricultural practices.


Take free courses on key topics and learn new skills.

Weather Updates

Receive by-the-minute weather updates and forecasts to enable you to plan your farm activities.

Cocoa Zones

Identify the best location to grow your crop in Ghana with our innovative Cocoa Zones feature.

Pop Quizzes

Participate in exciting games and competitions and stand a chance of winning exciting prices.

Approved Farm Inputs

Get access to an approved list of quality farm inputs to inform your purchasing decisions and increase farm yield.

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