Pay digital & securely

Integrate mobile finance solutions into your supply chain and make digital payments (including premiums) directly onto farmers’ mobile money accounts.

  • Avoid fraud and delayed payments, and get a digital record of all payment transactions.
  • Conduct loan appraisals on each farmer by assessing their financial performance based on their economic profiles and transactional histories.


Trace food sources:

Our digital tool offers agri traders & processors with traceability and farm identification tools to track and identify the sources of food commodities.

  • Digitize procurement and supply chain processes to improve efficiency and transparency while reducing fraud.
  • Gain real-time insight and visibility into farmers’ operations, cash flows, assets and resulting access to markets and fair trading practices


Map and analyse farms:

  • Map fields and farms of varying sizes faster with higher levels of accuracy.
  • Collect data on land characteristics for monitoring and certification.
  • Identify where your food is being sourced from.


Conduct Certification Audits:

Simplify certification inspections and make the process more efficient at both ends of the supply chain.
  • Audit more farmers for UTZ, Fairtrade, and Rainforest Alliance certification in less time.
  • Use survey data and reports to drive decision-making and improve farmer training programmes.

Know your farmer

Collect vital information on the farmers in your supply chain to better understand who they are:

  • Build individual beneficiary/ farmer profiles. 
  • Identify your farmers and zoom in on each person to understand who they are.
  • Increase affinity and earn farmers’ loyalty through membership cards.
  • Subsequent data collected on each farmer will feed into their profiles to build a continuous ledger that monitors their activities and growth.

Engagement Platform Powered by Mergdata

Data-driven communication platform for businesses working with last-mile customers. Increase productivity of smallscale farmers through high-quality information services and in-person training.
  • Send customized voice and SMS messaging in any language.
  • Instantly deploy mobile campaigns anywhere in Africa, and across the globe.
  • Compatible with smartphones and feature phones.


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