Farmerline is transforming smallholder farmers into successful entrepreneurs by increasing their access to information, inputs, and resources to increase  productivity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower small-scale farmers to become more prosperous through direct access to agricultural information and improved communication channels among farmers and external.

Our Approach

Whether it’s agribusiness, financial institutions, NGOs and government institutions, we offer cutting-edge software and mobile technologies that help small-scale farmers and organisations that work with them to benefit from such solutions.

We also conduct various types of workshops as part of our services to our stakeholders. This includes training, awareness and sensitization workshops for our stakeholders such as farmers, extension agents, and representatives from farmer-based organisations, agribusinesses, governmental and non-governmental organisations and other key organisations operating in the agriculture sector. These workshops are tailor-made to suit the needs of our stakeholders.

We use proven methods and techniques. As advocates for a more active and innovative supply chain and precision agriculture, we have a wealth of experience from small farming enterprises to the highest levels of industry throughout Africa since 2013.

With offices in Kumasi and Accra, we combine our experience with local knowledge and 24/7 personnel service. Our combination of staff in the farmer services team, business development team, tech team and customer success team means our roles can help you throughout all stages of a smart farming and are only a phone call away.