Indigo Trust just awarded Farmerline a grant of £5,200 to enable us to pilot our SMS and voice-based system with a group of Ghanaian fish farmers.Farmerline is currently deploying a six-month pilot programme aimed at reaching 1000 fish farmers. Fish farmers will be provided with aquaculture best practice information, record keeping services, access to input suppliers and market access information (Farmerline Online Market Place) in an attempt to bolster their productivity and incomes. The information will be made available via SMS and voice services and farmers will also be able to call a local call center where operatives who speak Twi, Ga, Fanti, Nzema and Ewe will be on hand to offer advice and support. Farmerline holds workshops with new users to guide them through the platform and agricultural outreach workers also are trained in using the platform and demonstrating it to new farmers.

Farmerline aligns closely with the first MDG, “Eradicate Poverty and Hunger”. We at Farmerline hope to contribute to producing more food to feed the future by using mobile technology to provide smallholder farmers with timely and relevant agriculture information that will increase their yields, income and autonomy. The team is very much excited about this Grant Award.