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Helping smallholder farmers grow more food

Sep 20,2016 06:00 pm

How information and communication technology can increase the yield of farmers in Ghana. In years gone by, Ghana was one

Time to portray farmers with a positive image

Sep 15,2016 05:45 pm

How agriculture has been depicted in Ghana, and across the continent, has been unfair and partial. The other side of

Bridging the gap to new technologies for smallholder farmers in Ghana

Sep 5,2016 05:57 pm

In many developed countries, information has played a major role in agricultural development. But same cannot be said for many

Mobile Phones: Helping field extension officers transform Ghana’s agricultural sector

Aug 29,2016 07:28 pm

In the foothills of Nsuhia, a farming village in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana, Benjamin Oppong is unhappy about

How to make agriculture attractive to Ghana’s youth

Aug 22,2016 05:50 pm

For majority of Ghana’s youth, agriculture isn’t an attractive avenue of employment. But Farmerline is helping make farming an appealing

Why are farmers deprived when agriculture is Ghana’s highest earner?

Aug 15,2016 05:42 pm

In a town council meeting just on the outskirts of Morso, a village two hours away from Kumasi, Kwadwo Ofosu-Amoah

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The real problems women farmers in Ghana face

Aug 8,2016 05:06 pm

As morning draws near in Funsi, a community of about 7000 people in the Upper West Region, smallholder farmers can


National Farmers’ Day now slated for October 7

Jul 26,2016 09:41 am

The Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) has made clear that this year’s National Farmers’ Day celebrations will take place on

Joint Special Envoy Kofi Annan spoke with the media at the United Nations Office at Geneva following the June 30, 2012 Meeting of the Action Group for Syria.

Poor people need weather alerts – Kofi Annan

Jul 21,2016 05:50 pm

In Ghana, like many parts of the African continent, agriculture is often seen as the symbol of the country’s poverty.


The looming collapse of Ghana’s cocoa sector

Jul 20,2016 05:02 pm

How ageing trees and farmers, as well as poor support from government and smuggling of cocoa beans to Ivory Coast,