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Forbes names Farmerline CEO as one of Africa’s 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs

Mar 27,2017 05:28 pm

Across the African continent, a lot of achievers are making waves and contributing to economic growth through entrepreneurship. But what

Ghana’s 2017 Budget: An expert’s perspective on the agriculture sector.

Mar 10,2017 04:26 pm

Schandorf Adu-Bright, Director of Farmer Services at Farmerline The agriculture sector plays an important role in Ghana as it is

Ghana’s Tourism; Still an unpolished diamond

Nov 25,2016 03:14 pm

On the Asiwa-Anyaso road in the Bosome Freho District of the Ashanti Region Throughout my childhood and adult years, I

As illegal mining wins, agriculture suffers.

Nov 24,2016 11:24 am

A story of how “galamsey” threatens the livelihoods of thousands of smallholder farmers whose land it destroys. Every morning before

Becoming A Dad: The Journey to First-Time Fatherhood and Paternity Leave

Nov 18,2016 05:29 pm

Joy was in the air. The hospital’s doorway was littered with excitement and happiness. The meaning of life was right

Smallholder farming in Ghana: A story of challenges and opportunities.

Nov 15,2016 03:04 pm

At a time when people in his age group were roaming streets in the city in search of white-collar jobs,

Part III – Agriculture is the future for Ghana. But…

Nov 3,2016 06:38 pm

In developing countries like Ghana, where agriculture is often linked with poor farming practices, low productivity, low income, gender imbalances,

Part II: Transforming Agriculture to Improve Ghana’s Economy

Nov 2,2016 06:03 pm

The role of agriculture in accelerating the economic progress and development of any country cannot be overstated. However, in Ghana,

Part I: Why Ghana’s agricultural growth has slowed down

Nov 1,2016 05:09 pm

In part I of a three-part series, we look at the many challenges that confront Ghana’s agriculture sector. Ghana is

Improving the economic lives of smallholder farmers

Oct 3,2016 06:14 pm

Demand for the farmers’ crops keep increasing. Yet supply remains low. Prices of crops in urban areas have gone up.